I realised how stupidly automatic all my existance is.

Pablo's Delusion
2 min readApr 12, 2022

If you are searching for truth, and you are a neurotic chaotic person, stop, inhale deeply and exhale fully for a long enough time until you feel a change in your sense of presence, then, take a few more, and a last big one, stop, exhale all until comfortably empty, and be.

A few seconds pass, but you aren’t aware of seconds, or time, just the now, your body, your heartbeat, the touch of your hands, and, your thoughts.

I believe deep breathing meditation forces you to write on a white paper, and the dark disgusted thoughts are threatened of being ridiculed. You increase the awareness of your path between thought and thought. I realized how stupidly automatic all of my existance is. I never really think, I just navigate between emotions, threats and oportunities in my present, and my knowledge (low resolution information on valuable generic ideas recruited from past experiences, without having in mind the bias of your present subject in that moment of perception).

When you really think, you create so much change, that it gives you the oportunity of hardly thinking most of your life.

So that’s my sailsman words on meditation, just try overoxygenating your blood and brain, then set back to normal, and observe your thought patterns throughout the process. It’s a different perspective to say the least. Take a 5 minute break on your 2 hour Instagram scroll and try it out, it won’t let you down, it’s just you afterall, no judge other than you.

Love and hate are two extremes of a continuum. To love, is to give attention, plan out your future attention to the loved people or ideas. To hate is to not want to give attention. When you hate, you want to destroy, to never have to look at it again, to obliviate it’s own existance. Attention is our true value of exchange, from us, to the world, to being. So stop being on social media eating ads and filtered ideals, your attention is worth more than that, and you know it. Love.