I, always thinking about I.

Pablo's Delusion
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I, always thinking about I. This is the start of evil, laziness, and depression.

The purpose to which we are brought to life, is to evolve, we are under the constant pressure of time, cowardice, fear and ignorance. Evolving is what life is, to personify such process is to be alive.

We are being teached to be consumers, consumers to not evolve in spirit, for they worship the physical rewards and not the moral ones. We have a fragmented understanding of what values constitute, and to which degree should actions follow forcefully. We need to spread a positive message. For that we need to be grateful, to life, and to our possibilities. We should seek out opportunities to love, share, and above all, create. Your mind will only ever feel at peace once it has created, for it’s NOTHING but a tool, and a tool has a purpose.

The purpose it to have faith in whatever grew you to life, and improve on it to the best of your abilities, taping into other people’s eyes, spreading the message of what you see.

We all come from being children, as young playful ones, we tend to be happier. The only thing that changes as we get older, is that we have more knowledge, of the struggle that our mind puts up to existing. This can become a sour and rotten truth, or its counterpart, a strong and learning lesson.

To be great, you must do great things.

We view Jahseh as a musical producing genius. He was that, but that sets a fixed image of him, idolized. He was a kid, in process of maturing, with the energy of a dragon. He simply had the courage to be himself in every moment, which made him actually do things others hadn’t done. Some hated, some loved. But you won’t get either sides of the attention without being yourself.

From him we can learn the power of God. The power of pure insistance and drive towards a higher purpose, to only fear the final judgement. But also to have fun, to be playful, and have no limits other than death, and the love of the people.



Pablo's Delusion

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