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Any response is highly appreciated, and I will interact.

Don’t be nervous, everything has its place. Sometimes you need to think, sometimes you have to be with yourself, a self-aknowledgement. Sometimes for prolonged time, years. You face who you are, the limits of yourself and death. That part of yourself that torments itself for not achieving its potential, is in part wrong because we are more animals, than thoughts, and that is the first mistake of when we think. Re-read that.

We live in our self experience from the day we wake up, and then the next day the same. It’s a true 0, and 1. Plus dreams, that are a subconscious recharging in collection with past memories of experiences. You’re a fucking genius, if you realize you can think.

I haven’t wanted to, because I can’t bear the pressure of my need for humility, of how little I truly am, to everything that exists, has existed, and is to exist. How can one lead? With confidence in this dark, of one, with his own soul, our presence forever windy to our context.

With this truth, and this is what’s beautiful about truth: you can invert it into an optimistic-action hierarchy, of thought-action. Language isn’t but ideas, always oriented towards a context, but fundamentally an action. The action is our only true base reality and control over our soul. All ideas we think should be as much action oriented as possible. That is nothing but the sole perpouse of ideas. And purpose writen wrong annoys you, and written too. You have a view of how things are, and what is wrong, Of what is true, and what is ignorance. We set our categories of how are ideas are, fixed, ideas that have worked well, and simply create a copy.

Worked well in what? Surviving. We are nothing but animals that try to survive, even with food, healthy sex life, a good family. We still have to survive our own decisions. We could be so efficient, if prioritizing correctly.

Yet we ignore so much and live unfazed. A sleep life, until slowly, our bones and muscles degenerate, our brain starts to degenerate, and we slowly but steadily, go back into the universe, but with what experience behind? And what were your creations?

Your creation, is your ability to play with ideas. The infinite realm of the unknown, some call it the realm of God. Set words back, forward, underneath, or next to another of your 25.000 words. Everyday we use about 7000 words. And the interlocking is of near infinite combinations. Your destiny really is at the grip of you in every moment.

Destiny is real, simply because time is a reality, that is more true than us, one must accept this, we experience time, but time in itself already is, we are biased by the lag of existence, witness of our own body. In simple terms, we have already died, and the universe has already ended, everything is in the exact process we experience, but aside from us, this goes on its own.

And to understand what I mean, tell me what does your mind thinks, when understanding what there was before the Big Bang (13.8 billion years ago). What was going on 20 billion years ago? Time is just a term we used, to indicate a context for our thoughts, but it’s not true, the truth is it goes, has gone, and will go on its own. We only have us, and the chatter in our skull.

Your mother, is you, but like the sunshine smile you. If you do not learn to respect your creators, the creator will not respect you. It is our duty to do the best, when knowing about it.

Good luck in this life to all.



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