Cultural Appropriation Is A Wrong Judgement

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2 min readOct 5, 2022


Someone pretty famous

Debunking stupidity.

There are two types of dangerous authority; the one that forces you to follow an order, and the one that discredits your morals if you do not follow an order. One is obvious, the other is disguised.

The idea that cultural appropriation exists, has been lurking into the mainstream narrative of what it means to be a “good person”.

Dr. Neil Lester is one of many professors, writers, and public speakers, recently on Dr Phil, where he stated:

“Cultural appropriation is wrong, because it’s a performance, somebody’s culture and somebody’s identity, becomes a performance, then it’s reductive. If you wear dreadlocks or wigs that rastafarians may wear, you do that because it’s edgy, because its cool, but ultimately because it’s not you, you’re getting some kind of cultural capital by doing that. A whole culture is being disrespected, people whose identity are wrapped in whatever your dressing into, and can then take off. I put cultural appropriation at the same level as racism and white supremacy.”

How we present ourselves to the world is a performance, and we all judge on whether we approve of others actions or words, based on our good and bad. A performance is only reductive to our judgement.

Rastafarians may wear dreadlocks, it’s a decision. You don’t like other people having that decision.

A culture is the arts, ideas, customs and social behaviour of a society. Different cultures should learn and exchange from each other. When a culture erases this is wrong, there is now less knowledge. When someone adheres a part of your culture, your judgement of contempt is ilogical, and exposes chauvinism in disguise of respect.

If we are morally enslaved to the culture we were born in, we are simply reducing our freedom, to no one’s benefit. We, as individuals, are more than our race or culture, we have the power of thinking, and our decision is what counts.

A person of mixed race, that has been brought up in various cultures is now sadly, a reminder of what a human is.